Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are really some of the most versatile bikes ever built yet not all mountain bikes are created equal.

Years ago mountain bikes had 26" wheels and that was that. However now you have a choice of 26", 650b (27.5") or 29er. Confusing? Most definitely. Here we try to explain the difference between the 3 and which one will best suit you.

26” wheels are the main size wheels for most mountain bikes and since spare parts are plentiful this makes them cheap and easy to source. They can also be lighter, stiffer and more responsive than other sizes.

650b/27.5" - faster to accelerate and more responsive handling than a 29er wheel.They roll over rough ground more smoothly and grip noticeably better than 26in equivalents, although not as well as 29in wheels.

29er - Slower to accelerate but once moving they will smoothly roll over rough terrain with great stability.

Kross Hexagon 1.0 26"
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Kross Hexagon 2.0 27.5"
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Kross Hexagon ZZ 26"
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