Safety Wear


Cyclists are one of the most vulnerable users of the road.

Studies have shown that riders who wear fluorescent colours are more visible to drivers. You can ensure you are visible to other road users by using visiblity aids which will help you be spotted on the road. With big brands such as Provitz, Giro and Altura now developing high end safety kit you can be both stylish and safe will lighting up the dark.

- During the day, flourescent colours will keep you seen .The brighter, the better.

- At night, it is better to swap your fluorescent clothing for reflective gear, with particular attention paid to knees and ankles.

- Highlighting your body's moving parts (Biomotion) with the right shoes, socks and warmers can help you to stand out on the road. After all, it's the unique up and down pedalling motion of riding that makes you look human and not like a road sign.

- Using strong lights that help you both to see and be seen is a given. Main lights can be accompanied by smaller flashing lights that can be attached to your person, bicycle or rucksack.