Midland League Rules


1.1 The league is to be run under Cycling Ireland Rules, with special reference being made to,

NON-OPEN RACE: A non-open race can be either a club race or a league race.

CLUB RACE: A Club Race is a race promoted by a CI registered club primarily for members of that club. However the club may allow participation from members of other clubs and non-attached members of CI, provided they have the appropriate licence. It will not be mandatory to appoint a commissaire but in all other ways the race will be conducted under the rules of CI.

LEAGUE RACE: A League Race is a race open to members of more than one club and non-attached members of CI provided they have the appropriate licence. There will be no prize list per race but there may be an overall prize list. The promoter must appoint a competent person to fill the role of commissaire and in all other ways the race will be conducted under the rules of CI.

1.2 The league is prompted by Lakeside Wheelers, Shannonside CC, Tullamore CTC, Wolftrap CC, Laois CTC, Longford CRC, Esker CC and Streamstown CC.

1.3 The League Committee is to be made up of a maximum of 2 members from each of the clubs referred to in 1.2. The league sponsor can attend in a non-club capacity

1.4 A rider who wishes to take part in the league but who is not a member of one the clubs mentioned in 1.2 must gain affiliation by formal written application to the club secretary of a core club to whom he/she is well known.

1.5 Affiliated riders must marshall at least one round of the league, if they do not they will not be allowed to take part in the league the following year.

1.6 Riders can only take part in one interclub league at a time.


2.1 The league is to be made up of 13 to 17 races consisting of road races, time trials and a hill climb, with a rider’s best 10 race results counting towards the final league standings.

2.2 The league is divided into two separate divisions to allow introductory and intermediate level riders to compete separately to more advanced riders.

2.3 A divided mass start (DMS) format is used to run the two races on the same night. 

2.4 Handicapping will operate within each separate race. Groups and handicaps will be decided by race organisers who have complete discretion in these matters before and during the league.

2.5 The committee withhold the right to administer disciplinary action as they see fit to any rider seen to have taken part in dangerous or non-sportsman-like conduct.

2.6 An official Cycling Ireland Sign on sheet is to be used at the start of every round of the league.

2.7 MIL cards are issued by club reps to club members who show a current CI club comp. or full racing licence and pay the MIL registration fee. This should be done before the commencement of the league. (One must have a licence at club competition level at least. CI leisure licence holders cannot compete in MIL events).

2.8 All competitors must present a current MIL card at sign-on for each MIL event. No card, no racing.

2.9 The organising club of a round of the Midland League is to be responsible for the supply of an adequate number of marshalls so as to insure a safe race.

2.10 All results to be forwarded to results co-ordinator within 24 hours of the finish of the race.

2.11 Anyone looking to marshall a round of the league must either have been requested by the race organiser or have pre-agreed marshalling with the race organiser.

2.12 All race organisers are to produce a route safety analysis prior to the race with all cyclists being made aware of any specific safety concerns

2.13 A fully trained first-aider is to be present at each round of the league.

2.14 Youth/underage cyclists are not currently allowed race in the MIL. Cycling Ireland Technical Regulations (T4, article 1, point 120 which state ‘youth riders may only compete with their own age group’.



3.1 Points will be awarded for the top 10 finishers in a road race.

1st 12 points

2nd 10 points

3rd 9 points

4th 8 points

5th 7 points

6th 6 points

7th 5 points

8th 4 points

9th 3 points

10th 2 points

All other competitors receive 1 point and MIL registered marshals get 2 points.

3.2 Points will be awarded in two separate sets of points for time trials / hill climbs. See Appendix I for details.

3.3 In time trials, ‘A’ riders are handicapped by relative to ‘B’ riders, and ‘C’ riders are similarly handicapped relative to ‘D’ riders. The race officials decide the handicaps.

3.4 All riders must marshal at least one round of the league. Those who do not marshall, no matter how many points achieved, (a) will be excluded from final prizes and placings and (b) may not be allowed race following year.

3.5 In the event of a tie at the end of the league after calculations are done for the best 10 race results, the rider with the most overall points will be deemed the winner. If this still fails to split the riders, the person with the most wins or placings thereafter will be deemed the winner.

3.6 From 2016, a new club competition is in place to simplify the scoring process, reduce score totals, further incentivise marshalling, encourage team riding, draw more of our club riders into the league and address reduced numbers in the latter stages of the league. A quick summary of prizes awarded at the end of the league is:

· Individual men: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, for both leagues.

· Individual Ladies: 1st, 2nd, ladies for both leagues

· Overall Club Team: 1st in both divisions

· Final Team Time Trial: 1st in both divisions.

(See Appendix I for details)


New Scoring Format for Midlands Interclub League (operational from 2016)

For the 2016 season, a number of changes came into being for the MIL with the aim of regenerating the series and encouraging club members to support each other. The idea was to simplify the scoring process, reduce score totals, further incentivise marshalling, encourage team riding, draw more of our club riders into the league and address reduced numbers in the latter stages of the league.

The new points system for wins, places, participation, TT’s, TTTs and marshalling is as follows:

Road Races    
1st Indiv 12 pts  
2nd 10 pts  
3rd 9 pts  
...down to 10th 2 pts  
All Others 1 pt  
Individual TT    
1st 14 pts down to 4 pts (for 10th)
All others in Indiv TT 3 pts  
Marshalls 2 pts may be limited to marshalling x 2 max
Team TT    
1st Team 3 x 3 + 12 = 21 3 for each rider and 12 for win
2nd 3 x 3 + 10 = 19  
3rd 3 x 3 + 8 = 17  
4th 3 x 3 + 6 = 15  
5th 3 x 3 + 4= 13  
All other teams 3 x 3 + 3 = 12  
TTT Marshalls 3 pts  
An individual score will also be earned from a Team TT    
Members from 1st team earn 10 individual pts  
Members from 2nd team earn 8 individual pts  
Members from 3rd team earn 6 individual pts  
Members from 4th team earn 5 individual pts  
Members from 5th team earn 4 individual pts  
Members from other teams earn 3 individual pts  

The MIL series starts and finishes with an interclub team time trial to demonstrate the importance of the interclub element of the competition. Clubs can enter as many teams as they like. Any points a rider earns goes to their club as well as to their individual score.

Only 1 team from each club can get a placing but all entrants will gain 3 points per person. On the last evening the team time trial competition can be run in tandem with the club effort, i.e. the first team home in each division will be awarded prizes as other years.

Team Time Trial Formation:

Team of 3 own club members from either A/B or C/D.

Timed when 3rd rider crosses finish line.

The first team home from each club will battle for the major placings on the club table for the team competition.

All other riders will gain participating points for their team in the team competition and in the individual competition their overall placing in the time trial will be rewarded in the normal fashion, i.e. descending order of points

A mix of riders from different clubs is allowed. They will gain points for their club and also gain individual points based on their finishing position

No time trial bikes allowed


End of series prizes:

A/B and C/D prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th - for race overall.

A/B and C/D Club Competition Prize - for winning team in each division.

A/B and C/D time trial winners – for first 3 home in each division in the final time trial.

There will be a new Club/Perpetual Cup/Plaque also awarded to winning teams in both divisions, i.e. clubs with the highest points gained over the entire series (so it is vital for any club member to compete to help the overall club score).