BERG Ladder

Price: € 29.00

Make your BERG Trampoline complete with a BERG Ladder! It makes climbing onto the trampoline much easier. They are also adjustable in height so that the rungs are perfectly horizontal at any trampoline height, making it safe for you to climb onto the trampoline. The specially designed strong rungs give you good grip and have good water drainage. Also, the frame of the ladder is powder coated, making the ladder rustproof. The ladder is also easy to attach. There are 3 different sizes of ladders available, so for every trampoline there is a ladder that fits.


  • BERG Ladder M: For trampolines measuring 70 and 76cm high. The ladder is adjustable in height
  • BERG Ladder L: For trampolines measuring 85, 90 and 95cm high. The ladder is adjustable in height.