Berg Lift Unit Bundle

Berg Lift Unit Bundle

Safety Net Option

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Transform your large Berg Go-Kart into a real working machine with a Berg Front or Rear Lifting Unit and attachment. Once a lifting unit has been fitted, it will enable you to attach a Lifting Bucket, Pallet Fork or the Bulldozer Blade to the go-kart. Each attachment can be used in conjunction with a Berg Front Or Rear Lift Unit.

Lift Bucket: 

Berg Lift Bucket makes transporting materials such as sand, soil, stones and much more a breeze. The solid steel powder coated bucket has plenty of lifting power and allows the user to lift loads up to 25kg.

Berg Pallet Fork:

The Fork is supplied with a real pallet, so that you can get to work straight away. The Pallet Fork hosts a variety of jobs, and can take quite a heavy load.

Berg Bulldozer Blade: 

Whether they are working with snow or sand, they'll be able to clear anything that's in there way whilst having fun.