Moon Meteor-X Auto Pro & Arcturus Auto

Moon Meteor-X Auto Pro & Arcturus Auto

Moon Meteor-X Auto Pro & Arcturus Auto
Price: € 79.00

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This Meteor-X Auto Pro and Arcturus Light Set combines a compact chassis with superior light outputs making this set ideal for every day commuting whatever route you take. Not only does it brighten up the path in front of you but allows you to be seen by others.

Moon Meteor-X Auto Pro:

The Meteor-X Auto Pro front generates up to 600 lumens of light from its 1 Cree XML U2 LED. A built in safety mode means that once the battery level falls below predefined level, this selects the brightest mode that guarantees 1 hour run time to get you home. The memory mode function ensure that when you turn you light back on, it returns to the last selected mode. The double shot daytime flash mode provides an ultra-bright option combined with exceptional run times ideal for standing out during the day and night. The integrated light sensor means the light can be set to auto mode which means the light will turn and off automatically.

Moon Arcturus Auto Rear:

The Moon Arcturus rear bicycle light has 7 different flashing modes so you can set it up exactly how you want it, whatever the ride. It also includes a rechargeable battery for ease of use. The Moon Arcturus rear bicycle light is a must-have item when cycling in the dark. It is a smart, compact unit that sits neatly on the rear of your bicycle, allowing other road users to see you more clearly. The 7 different modes mean that you can adjust the light settings to suit your ride and your own personal preferences. Additionally the rechargeable battery is simple and cost effective.

Front Light: 

  • Mode1: 600lm – 2.00hr
  • Mode2: 300lm – 3.30hr
  • Mode3: 150lm – 6.15hr
  • FL1: 100lm – 56.00hr
  • FL2: 300lm – 18.00hr
  • Day FL:700lm – 57.00hr
  • SOS: 32.00hr

Rear Light:

  • Mode1: 10lm – 3.45hr
  • Mode2: 15lm – 2.20hr
  • Mode3: 35lm – 1.20hr
  • FL1: 10lm – 17.00hr
  • FL2: 35lm – 5.00hr
  • FL3: 35m – 8.00hr
  • Day FL:70lm – 16.30hr