Romet Rambler Jnr 6.1 26"

Romet Rambler Jnr 6.1 26"

Price: € 380.00

Bikes from the Junior group are a challenge for the design team. This group must take into account the needs of the youngest users, which most often differ from those regarding adult bikes. Differences in anatomical structure translate into changes in the geometry and ergonomics and organization of the drive. The components used to construct bikes from the Junior group must be characterized by the quality of their full-size counterparts, naturally following the preferences of young users. Matching all the elements serves the development of proper cycling habits, resulting in the correct technique in the future and satisfaction with progress.

Frame: alu 6061

Fork: cushioned

Stem: Romet aluminium 60/90 mm

Bars: Romet aluminium FOV 600 mm

Front Brake: V-brake Alhonga HJ-811AD7 aluminium

Rear Brake: V-brake Alhonga HJ-811AD7 aluminium

Front Mech: Shimano Tourney FD-TY300

Rear Mech: Shimano Tourney RD-TY300D

Shifters: Shimano ST-EF41 3x7 speed

Speed: 21

Rims: aluminium doublewall