Zefal Universal Phone Holder Bike Kit

Zefal Universal Phone Holder Bike Kit

Zefal Universal Phone Holder Bike Kit
Price: € 36.00

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The Universal Phone Holder is a universal, robust smartphone holder, compatible with the Z Bike Mount (supplied with the case). The case is adapted to any phone between 65 and 100 mm wide and between 125 and 165 mm high. The case contains 2 side clips and 2 silicone clips. These are very hard and provide extra support and very good shock absorption. 

  • Weight: 88 g
  • Material: Polycarbonate, Silicon
  • Mounting: Delivered with the Z Bike Mount (#7278)
  • Dimensions: 165 x 68 mm
  • Compatibility: 130 / Height / 165 mm65 / Width / 100 mm

Mounting instructions

1. Install the Bike Mount on your bike post by crossing the elastic O-rings (see diagram). Choose O-rings that offer the best tightness according to the size of your post.
2. Install the Phone Holder case on the Z Bike Mount.
3. Push the side supports apart to insert your phone. Be sure to position your phone in the centre of the case.
4. Pass and adjust the silicone straps above and below the phone.

Directions for use

Be careful not to use a phone outside the indicated dimensions.
Take care never to damage the silicone straps. Do not put them in contact with sharp objects. If the silicone is damaged, stop using the product.