Project One ICON

Project One ICON is a collection of premium paint schemes that represent the highest level of artistry in custom bicycles. These bespoke designs are about more than colors that stand out: they’re filled with texture, depth, and mood. Each ICON showcases a mastery of brush and paint and reflects the passion the most experienced Project One artists bring to their craft.


Turn heads wherever you ride..


Candy Emerald Green -

A scheme worthy of envy. It has a high-gloss finish, double green tint and dual candy green tonal logos. Green means 'go', but this green scheme means 'go fast'.


Prismatic Pearl - (Prismatic Pearl/Trek Black Matte)

A psychedelic, mind-bending paint scheme on a different plane of consciousness. It morphs in changing light to show every colour and shade of the rainbow.


Chrome Tour - (White Rose/Red Chrome/Black Chrome)

The ICON scheme of choice for Trek-Segafredo’s Tour de France professional race team. Its multi-dimensional pearly white base colour is complemented with oversized chrome red and black team logos.


Brushed Liquid Metal - (Brushed Liquid Metal/Dark Smoke Tint)

No two Brushed Liquid Metal paint schemes are alike. Beneath the glossy finish, the unique hand-scuffed undercoat has an industrial character with a deep, smoky tint.


Refliptive - (Amethyst/Bright Green/Purple Flip)

A new twist on a coveted scheme of cycling’s past. Shades of amethyst and bright green flip to purple in changing light like a mood ring (if you’re always in a good mood). This scheme also features reflective logos.


Black Gold - (Black/Gold Metallic Flake)

Up close, the Black Gold paint scheme is as classy as a dinner jacket. From a distance, the metallic flake and the raised dimensional logos give it a golden texture and depth.