Basil Urban Load Double Pannier Bag MIK - 48-53 litres - black

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Basil Urban Load Double Pannier Bag MIK - 48-53 litres - black

Basil Urban Load Double Pannier Bag MIK - 48-53 litres - black
Price: € 76.99

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The Basil Urban Load is a double pannier bag suitable for your carrier. The Basil Urban Load pannier bag is spacious, flexible and has a casual look. This makes this modern Basil pannier bag suitable for a wide range of activities.

With a capacity of up to 53 litres, you'll have plenty of storage space for groceries, sportswear or other essentials. The Urban Load is made of tarpaulin. This flexible fabric has a water-repellent function, but also gives your pannier bags a sleek look. The water-repellent function keeps your pannier bags dry in a mild rain. Combined with the water-resistant folding closure, the contents of your pannier bags will stay dry.

The bags can be closed with an adjustable snap closure that you can pack and close to your desired height. So if you're not carrying anything, you can make them more compact and narrow which in turn is easier to put away and store your bike.

The Urban Load pannier bags are equipped with the Basil Universal Bridge System which means it fits all carriers (including e-bikes') and can be combined with attachment systems like Racktime and i-Rack/Carrymore.

Finally, the pannier bags are finished with reflective details to make you more visible in dark conditions. Ideal for shopping, recreational use and commuting.

Note: This bag comes with the MIK adapter plate (attached to the bag), but not with the MIK luggage carrier plate (attached to the luggage carrier). You only need this luggage carrier plate if your luggage carrier is not compatible with MIK.


  • The reflective details guarantee an improved visibility.
  • Including pre-mounted MIK adapter plate. 
  • The Double Bag has been made of water-repellent material 
  • The size of the Double Bag can be reduced thanks to the pliable sides.
  • The closure by means of adjustable buckles allow you to carry as much of your belongings as needed.
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 10 kg