BERG Buddy Lua

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BERG Buddy Lua

BERG Buddy Lua
Price: € 355.00

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One of Berg's best-loved models, the Buddy, has been through a major upgrade. This model has been completely retuned and the design has been thoroughly worked over: beautiful rims and new tyres. A bucket seat which is even more comfortable, and great handlebars with maximum grip, all set up ready for the BERG Soundbox. In brief, with the Buddy you drive tough and are definitely the fastest on the street. One of the Buddy’s best features is the BFR system. Suppose you are going very fast, you can suddenly brake using your pedals and start going backwards immediately. This makes your driving style fast, flexible and ever safe. At any rate, the direct drive makes pedalling light and smooth. The bucket seat is adjustable, so you can take it out for a spin up to the age of eight years. Because you can race really fast on the Buddy, you might like to add a safety flag or flashing light. This makes you more visible to other riders. You can also hitch a trailer to your Buddy. 

  • Pneumatic tyres 
  • The swing axle provides extra grip to keep you firmly on the ground
  • Adjustable seat in 3 positions
  • Sleek and attractive design