BERG Trailer S For Buzzy

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BERG Trailer S For Buzzy

BERG Trailer S For Buzzy
Price: € 95.00

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Do you want to complete your BERG Buzzy? Then choose the BERG Buzzy Trailer so that you can easily take your things with you. This trailer makes playing outside even more fun. So throw a picnic basket, toys or other things in the trailer and make your adventure complete. Couple the trailer to your Buzzy with the towbar provided. It’s as easy as that. The wheel stickers provided ensure that the trailer and your Buzzy are a perfect match. This BERG Buzzy Trailer is suitable for all BERG Buzzys.

•Includes towbar

•Includes a sturdy trailer tub so that you can take up to 5 kg of things with you

•Cool off-road whisper tyres for indoor and outdoor use

•Couple the trailer to your go-kart easily using the flexible locking pin

•Suitable for all BERG Buzzys