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BERG Lift Bucket

BERG Lift Bucket
Price: € 145.00

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Transform a Large Pedal Go-Kart into a real working machine with a Berg Lifting Bucket.
Not only can you drive, but you can really get to work with the endless possibilities that the BERG Lift Bucket offers. Imagination is given free rein because of the many playing possibilities, while coordination is promoted! The Berg Lift Bucket makes transporting materials such as sand, soil, stones and much more a breeze. The solid steel powder coated bucket has plenty of lifting power, let's the user to lift loads up to 25kg. Work will never be the same for the young ones with the correct accessories.  

To use in combination with the Rear or Front Lift Unit. 

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  • Makes Transporting Materials Easy
  • Move Sand, Soil, Stones And Much More Easily
  • Up To 25kg Lifting Power
  • To Use In Combination With Rear Or Front Lifting Unit