Bullet & Bone Protective Moisturising Spray

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Bullet & Bone Protective Moisturising Spray

Bullet & Bone Protective Moisturising Spray
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This protective moisturising spray is lightweight and freshly fragranced, designed to increase focus and concentration. The moisturiser can be used before, during and after games and workouts. For the best results, use as part of your daily routine. The easy to apply spray provides even coverage and is rapidly absorbed. Apply liberally to all areas of exposed skin. To protect and moisturise your face, first spray onto the hands and then rub in avoiding the eyes.

Unlike other moisturisers, Bullet & Bone's protective spray is not greasy or sticky. It does not block pores and prevents perspiration. This makes the Bullet and Bone moisturiser ideal for use before and during your exercise regime. It allows you to perform at your best while still moisturising and protecting your skin. At Bullet and Bone, they understand that an athlete’s skin goes through a lot. Exposure to the elements can lead to damage and dryness as do more frequent hot showers. This is why their protective moisturising spray contains concentrated Maca extract, Taurine, Aloe Vera and Siberian Ginseng. They protect, soothe and condition the skin, whilst also increasing resistance and barrier function.