Cyclon Premium Brush Kit

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Cyclon Premium Brush Kit

Cyclon Premium Brush Kit
Price: € 32.00

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The Cyclon Brush Kit brush set is a great assortment of brushes to use when cleaning your road bike or mountain bike. High-quality and durable brushes which can be used with warm water and won't fall apart anytime soon! Soft bristles at the top of the large brush prevent damage to your frame. Detail brush for difficult spots on the inside of the fork and chain stays or between derailleur and frame. Wheel brushes for the rims, spokes and the surface of the hubs. With the other brushes you can clean the chain and cassette.

Thanks to the Cyclon Brush Set, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of using old cloths and clumsy garden brushes.

Set includes:

• Wheel brush
• Cassette scraper
• Component brush
• Soft frame brush
• Chainweel brush
• Detail brush

Can I use all the brushes in this set for the drivetrain?
Whilst this is possible in theory, there is one caveat. Brushes that are covered in drivetrain lubricant will not help clean your bike. It is a good idea to use a brush either for the drive train or for the rest of the bike so you don't accidentally make your bike dirtier instead of cleaner. You can also regularly clean the brushes you use for the drivetrain with degreaser. That way, you will be able to enjoy your cleaning brushes for longer.