Fenwicks Suspension Lube Spray 200ml

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Fenwicks Suspension Lube Spray 200ml

Fenwicks Suspension Lube Spray 200ml
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Fast and effective friction reduction for forks, shocks and pivots, also good on squeaky cleats.

The initial bump sensitivity of your suspension is really affected by sticky seals. Also known as ‘stiction’, this can be quickly eliminated with a quick spray of this product. It’s amazing that such a small amount of product can make such a difference, but having efficient suspension is the key to increased speed and safety.

Suspension Lube Spray improves suspension movement by eliminating stiction and stops parts from sticking. It also prolongs the life of rubber seals, protects against moisture and does not attract dirt. Suitable for forks, shock units and dropper posts. May even be used to stop dirt from sticking in heavy soiled areas on race day.

Great for keeping cleats quiet too ;-)